How To

Get Started
  1. Complete Shop Setup
  2. Add Products
  3. Add Published Works
  4. Add Released Recordings
  5. Contact Support and request them to make your Discography, Shop and Published Works pages live
Manage your Website

There are 4 main activities involved in managing your site:

1. Manage Orders (you will receive email notifications each time you receive an order)

2. Manage Emails  (you can set these up to forward to any email address, preferably one you check every day (Admin Dashboard > Manage > Emails > Cpanel Webmail > Forwarders > Add Forwarder)

3. Manage Customers (you only need to do this if a customer contacts you with a problem, or if you want to contact them for some reason)

4. Manage Products (you only need to do this if you need to make changes to your products)

On the whole, managing your website is simple – you just need to keep an eye on your emails, and process any orders that come through.


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